Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"

..that really sucked.

What a waste of time.



*sigh* did you even try ????

no this is total crap make better flashes floating in the toilet.

could have been better

all it was was a pasted picture of picachu getting shot at, and also its a 10 second animation of it happening. compared to your other submissions, this was crap.

That sucked, you've came a long way

Man your first submission sucks, you sure as hell have came a long way.

Anyway now I'll review this.

That sucked, a pasted image of Pikachu, then he got shot then burnt, you could have at least drawn Pikachu yourself. This was just yet another one of them crap Kill Pikachu movies. What was the point to this?

I scarily feel kinda bad for giving you a bad review.