Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"

Cool Pokemon killa

Very cool movie, which could be a bit longer and let you do the shooting, which would be a great touch as the lack of any interactivity is why i only gave it a 6. the sound is not the best either.

heheh....finally. the pika gets it.

.........evil...........MUAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.......... .......ha

That sucked

Sure the plot is good, but the rest totally sucked

DIE Picach DIE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

verey funy iloved IT so DIE Picach DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Very disturbing

I understand that there are many people who dislike Pokemon and find it annoying, but this movie is going a little too far. I'm not the anal sort, but I found this movie very disgusting and quite disturbing. Pikachu, after all, is such a sweet little character, and in my opinion, this movie is just too gruesome to be humorous.