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Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"


This was pretty shitty, graphics sucked, short and had no point. Pikachu sux dick, but so does this movie.

McFretn was sure come a long way

hell this is pure shit, But i love seeing that yellow shitface get killed i hate those fuckin pokemon shit, burn them all i say, burn them all

THIS guy made Brutality!?!

If you can read this, DON"T WATCH THIS MOVIE! It sucks above all other sucky movies! If there was a flash movie that REALLY sucks, this is it! MCFretN is lucky Newgrounds did'nt reject any other movies that he had! (So are we, since he made Brutality.) This movie shames FLash!


That was a waste of time. I could shit better flash movies.

I guess even the Newgrounds greats...

...have to start somewhere. The blood was okay, everything else just sorta... sucked. Don't feel too bad, you've created two of the greatest games in Newgrounds history, not to mention a Dragonball Z style movie that truely belongs in the top of the Portal, so I guess you're allowed to slip up every now and then.