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Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"

ooooooooooooooooook then

It was fine. It really was.
Yep, Great.


Ok, but Pikachu should scream or at least talk.

The movie stopped mid way

But I managed to see it. It was ok.

pobs right guys

pobs right guys!!! this was only his first movie mcfretn is the FUCKIN GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! brutality rocks forever im waiting for the sequal to that and the more famous combat intstinct!!!!


All you ppl who keep saying how shit this movie is, can they please shut up. It was made AGES ago and is his FIRST movie! Do you have some kind of problem with that and he hasnt 'slipped up' its how he started out, and if you give comments like that to other first movies, look how brilliant MCFretN is now, maybe if you gave other newbies at flash better comments, then they could all turn out to be creating kick ass animations like McFretN has. So please in the future give more constructive comments.Thanx