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Reviews for "Pikachu gets it!"


what the blue hell is this gay shit

i gave it a 1 since its api

but.....that just sucked...besides the api...wheres the humor?


It maybe his first movie but it is still funny as shit


Would all of you ppl who cant believe the guy who created brutality "made this shit?!!" just shut up. Maybe you ppl havent noticed, but this video of pikachu was made 5/27/00....Brutality was made 4/12/01...He never got worse with animation so dont go around saying you cant believe its the same guy who made Brutality, if you'd open your eyes and check the origin dates you'd see he made this before he had the talent he has today to make something like brutality....stupids.

Disapointing but not awful

its probaly worth watching if you have a computour with a half decent internet connection. Unimaginitve and the sound needs work 9 it would be much funnier if the gun souned more like BOOM! and less like clank! and I would love to have heard pikachu scream in agony. Add these and you might have something. Seriosuly if you did my overall would be at least 6. I like the way pikachu beelds and just could not help but smile at the end. Not too bad for a first effort, I guess.