Reviews for "Phallic Moose: Sue Stuff"

Good, buy needs work.

Work on your animations and make your characters blink and this could be really good.

PhallicMoose responds:

Yes, I had noticed the complete lack of blinking (especially in McDonald's scene). I probably would have added it in if I had more then a few weeks to work on it.


I'm not sure why, but this was actually quite amusing. The reason for my laughter illudes me, but it was funny, none the less.

this needs some work

i hope your teacher failed you all for this lousy attempt at flash. it loads badly. nothing is snyc'ed the sound cuts out all the time and the animation is its only saving grace. although one thing i wish your teacher would had covered first is
you have none.
you need one.
no plot= crappy flash

PhallicMoose responds:

Actually, it was only me who worked on it and he, uh, gave me perfect. Pre-loaders really do hate me and as for the syncing problem, perhaps you should switch the quality to low or medium and try viewing again. However, I'm glad you liked my animation. I'll strive to impress you next time.

umm...cool, but voice acting?

I really dug your sense of humor and I thought that the visual style was spare, but really effective (especially Bryce. I thought that he looked really cool). Umm, but your credits say that a few different people did the voices, but to my ears you guys all sounded the same. The voice acting was really flat and almost monotone at some points. If it was more vibrant, the whole thing would have rocked even harder. And it already rocked hard.

PhallicMoose responds:

The voice acting is hard for us due to our terrible microphone. We will be purchasing a better one soon.


Nice man very original...unlike some of the crap on newgrounds you actually drawed out your whole flash instead of using sprites.....once again Good Job!