Reviews for "Phallic Moose: Sue Stuff"

Good, buy needs work.

Work on your animations and make your characters blink and this could be really good.

PhallicMoose responds:

Yes, I had noticed the complete lack of blinking (especially in McDonald's scene). I probably would have added it in if I had more then a few weeks to work on it.

Well done!!

Well planned and executed. Your teacher should be proud, too.

It's like a sitcom...

Only without the laugh track/studio audience, some good stuff here

Hee hee...

This is just sublime.... the use of sound is great.

Fellow Brampton Newgrounder

I'm surprised to see there are so many ppl from Brampton. Good to see someone from brampton made it on the top weekly. keep it up, we gotta chill in B-town some time. Latez.