Reviews for "Phallic Moose: Sue Stuff"

hqahhahahaha, heavy shit

yeah man, that was great, theres a bunch of realy cool series things like this atm, and it is all good, this one was so funny, man, make moooooreee

PhallicMoose responds:

I'm glad you found it funny. Next episode we plan on introducing a one or more new characters. So stay tuned.


Absolutely perfect. I can't remember seeing a better peice of flash. It was funny without excessive swearing or nasty sex jokes. I would LOVE to see this make front page because I really just think this is perfect. I can't give this flash enough points. Keep at it man, you know your shizzle. j/k

PhallicMoose responds:

Well thank you, you kind, lovely human. We share your desire to see this make the front page. So, tell all your friends! Keep it real.

Brampton Represent!

From a fellow Bramptonian that rocked!
I was so stunned by the Brampton reference that I stopped laughing, but that was a good thing.

Nice job.

Great flash. Lets see some more.

Best thing ever

I absolutely love this cartoon!! Not just because I helped make it either.....hehe.


Hope you all enjoy!!


I love humour like this and funny one-liners, particular stand outs are the end Mcnuggets Remix (LMAO) "Must be [mcnuggets.]"

And at the end with all the nuggets...
"Hey its ok with me!"
Then the forced laughter. "I'm dead inside." BING!

Ha, i hope to see more flash from you!

PhallicMoose responds:

Well then, expect to see plenty more of us! We should have a new cartoon out in a bit.