Reviews for "Phallic Moose: Sue Stuff"


I love humour like this and funny one-liners, particular stand outs are the end Mcnuggets Remix (LMAO) "Must be [mcnuggets.]"

And at the end with all the nuggets...
"Hey its ok with me!"
Then the forced laughter. "I'm dead inside." BING!

Ha, i hope to see more flash from you!

PhallicMoose responds:

Well then, expect to see plenty more of us! We should have a new cartoon out in a bit.

I loved it.

That as funny ass hell and I liked the song at the end too, lol.
Eso era divertido. No puedo parar el reír.

PhallicMoose responds:

Your funny language makes me laugh.

(A-Drive will be pleased to hear you enjoyed his remix, yo.)

woo, yeah

man that was awesome. kick ass dialogue and plot twists. And catchy one liners, ohhhh! the best thing to come out of canada since Jan Arden!!! lol, i'm just kidding, she deserves to be beaten, ohohohoho. anywho way to rock my socks off!

PhallicMoose responds:

Jan Arden?! Hot damn! Next time, we're striving for a Nickelback comparison!


Great stuff man, really funny! Keep it up!

PhallicMoose responds:

Well, since you asked politely, we'll keep it up. Just for you though. Don't tell anyone, they may get jealous.

I'll say it before, and i'll say it again........


PhallicMoose responds:

You are my favourite person alive.