Reviews for "Phallic Moose: Sue Stuff"

Brampton Represent!

From a fellow Bramptonian that rocked!
I was so stunned by the Brampton reference that I stopped laughing, but that was a good thing.

Nice job.

Great flash. Lets see some more.

It was Funny...

Kinda Funny

Hee hee...

This is just sublime.... the use of sound is great.


That was freakin' hilarious!
Good sound (plus extra points for the McNuggets remix (Featuring A. Frame no less))

All in all a laugh riot!

Kudos From A Fellow Canadian!

A fellow Ontarian, even! That was a-may-zing. The humour is VERY well done, not to mention I LOVE the intro to your website. Bryce disturbs me, but in a pleasant sorta way. This Flash cartoon should seriously be considered for the Portal's Top 20 Daily Feature. Keep it up guys!

"How was the hockey game?"
"Oh, ice, sticks, toothless Canadians, you know how it is."