Reviews for "Milk{Ethos}"

i like

i just like the overall feel of this song, not much else to say, my only critique would be the bass line it just didnt 'fit' with the airy an epic melody.

Im impressed you managed to keep track of 40 patterns i usually feel like shooting myself when i have over 15, just gets too confusing and i lose track of what i've made and what i havent.

You obviously have a lot of experience making synths, i dont know if you remember from last time i reviewed one of you songs but i still have gotten nowhere with sytrus :)

Any tips?

Anyways awesome song, I think i might just add you to favorite artists.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Well with Sytrus study the presets that are already made. Make minor adjustments from them and build synthes like that. Once you know the basics of the synthe you can move on to starting from scratch (Default) and work your way up to more unique synthes.

Making synthes is enjoyable if you know the basics of how to get a certain sound. Overtime you will create more advanced synthes but start off basic and move up from there.

Thanks for the review.


Pretty good.
Reminded me of my days playing DonkeyKong Country. The water level.
I'd break open that little crate with the swordfish inside and take off.

But nevertheless....
It was pretty catchy. Nice use of syncopated beats.

very well done

this song makes me move!!!

Great song.

I'm a fan of techno, so I thing this song is amazing.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Glad to hear it.


Yes... That is a sort of music i like very much,...
Orginal, clear and soft
I can't find any thing wrong in it, so its ok B)

5 and 10*

Take Care

Mrmilkcarton responds: