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Reviews for "~Roller Coaster Junkie~"


Amazing, as expected, but not breathtaking. The melody didn't really resemble a rollercoaster or riding one. I think the song needs different lyrics. I picture a young child running through the forest, and everything she sees is new. Or
just traveling really fast along the ground. Last thing I can picture is some one metaphorically up in space watching the world function (like that movie Stardust, where the stars are just watching the world but never knowing what it's like to be on the Earth). I like explaining what I see when I hear music.

+*. Special Ed .*+

Just cause everyone already likes you and your music, don't get sloppy!


I think the voice goes brilliant with the music and the lyrics are just sweet! Rollercoaster junkie's rule!

R.C.J. = <3

Fun and different song :D

getting a ride just from this song!

if u say ur really a coaster junkie i would defintely ride every ride with u in the world no joke i cant find any1 who loves them hardcore lol anywayz cool song :P


beautiful voices. I will have to check out your other songs now