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Reviews for "~Roller Coaster Junkie~"


beautiful voices. I will have to check out your other songs now


Unique song, very inspiring with haunting sounds, LOVED IT!!!
Keep it up hania, u have a beautiful voice, which means u have a speical talent!!! ;)

Catchy :)

It's a catchy little number. Makes me want to ride a coaster. One thing I would have suggested was maybe making it get a bit faster at the end. But, it still worked brilliantly the way it is.

Sounds almost like a Christmas carol.

Really good in terms of quality.
It's pretty damn catchy, and one interesting song. It sounds almost childish.

i dont like that the songs about roller coasters

but i LOVE the beat :D (b.t.w. you're the only singer on NG i listen to ^^)