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Reviews for "~Roller Coaster Junkie~"


When i really thought about this song, iwanted to be the rollercaoster if you know what i mean ^^

hania responds:

I know exactly what you mean.

Super Catchy!

I don't see a lot of lyrical songs on the Audio Portal, but out of those few, this is definitely one of the best! I love the really fast pace of it (fitting for a song about roller coasters), the simplicity of the instruments, and the overall catchiness of the tune.


This song perfectly describes my brother. As he too is a rollercoaster junkie. I think he needs some help with that. lol Great song too, I think I'll play it for him and maybe he'll want to try and play it on his piano. :D

See I like to ride the coaster!

I told you this before but this song pretty much is the definition of my friend who is almost IN LOVE with Six Flags seriously going there everyday wanting one in his room, dressing up snowmen with six flag shirts, and even working there. Gotta love him

Anyway besides that it's another bouncy Hania Song. Great job!


I'm not fond of roller coasters, but I love this song!