Reviews for "Kr1z - "Boten Anna" [Cover]"

:O sounds nice

nice to see you go it finished :) it sounds nice, but i dont really like the remaking of songs if you no wat i mean, but u only really did that for the first part. but this was stil good, liked wat u did with it after the noticable boten anna stuf. your original lead was quite nice too :)

gj on it cant wait to hear more

Nice over

Good job on this cover ;P, I don't know the original song so I can't compare too much, but I like this version :)!

Not bad, not bad! =)

Not bad, not bad! I like the beat, even though it's a bit slow at oo:40, but it's still great! =D

10 out of 10
5 out of 5
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"I really love the echo-sounds >:)"


CRAZY COOOOOL!!!! or something along those lines... LOL :)

Kr1z responds:

thanks .. :)


sounds like the original man only a few parts u can tell if you can compare them but really nice work 10/10 5/5 1000/1000 this rocks! Plz make more basshunter beats :D

Kr1z responds:

Theres a new one available on my myspace: http://myspace.com/kr1zmusic
THanks for the review.