Reviews for "Kr1z - "Boten Anna" [Cover]"


I like it, I can go back and listen to it a hundred times and find a different melody each time! Great job

Back to reviewin'!

Well, being a fan of the original, I can safely say this does it justice. The lead vocal sample is very crisp and clear, no quality issues there. Not only that, but while the music follows the tune of the original (obviously, or it wouldn't be a cover) I listened to both this and the original sync'd up, and I can safely say there is plenty of difference between them. Neither is really better than the other, but this version has a lot of variety added to the song.

Overall I'd say that this was a great effort, though your own mini-theme could use a tiny bit of tweaking before it truly fits with the rest of the song. Keep up the good work, Kr1z.

Kr1z responds:

Great review :D thx dude!

ahh man.

I can't really fairly rate this because honestly I hate this song simply because I was forced to watch some random youtube vid with this in it, I forgot that the vid was on and the song bored into my head slowly while playing video games. Now I can't stand it. But luckily in manage to pull myself together to endure about a minute (spread out across the song) of it and it sounds like you stopped everything just to make this considering how long it is.

it eats me up to see someone work so hard and me think its like listening to nails across a chalk board. I am sure if I hadn't heard that song for hours in deep concentraition brawling I would love it.


as always, nice job, loving the beat and everything else, jw, what language is he speaking?

Kr1z responds:

i think its swedish :D thx for the review!

Allllllllllright! Lets work some magic!

Ach, can't get the right balance between reviews and real life ya know? I'll get it eventually, but until then, its gonna be a bit weird, k? Actual review : Ooooooh, I don't know what to think, really, I mean, the work you've done to this's good, fine vocal guy as well and I totally appreciate the work which you've put into something as long and awesome as this. Buuuut.... I never really liked the song in the first place... Oh what the hey, I'll give ya a ten for this, seeing as it's really catchy, kinda makes ya want to dance, which I do NOT do, good work!

Hammerypart says: Props go out to DjBrixx for the voice! Still a fan of your stuff and still here ya know! See ya 'round!

Kr1z responds:

woot thx!
Kr1z says: Cya around matey!