Reviews for "Kr1z - "Boten Anna" [Cover]"

Very nice

This was cool, i love the sound of this, its not too fast either and i can understand the words very nice indeed, glad i had a chance to check this out, anyways nice job


Awesome... As always

Boten anna rmx
First of all... I didn't expect that youwould have uploaded it already :p but whatever....
Here comes my review...
You finally got the voice sample synced! XD well done!
Those leads sound pretty damn much like the original :p good job on that!
What did you use for them? Nexus and/or Z3ta?
Nice job on remaking the original theme. This 3/4 time signature sounds pretty awesome. Maybe you can make a new original in 3/4....

Your own theme...
The transistion between the two themes was flawless, you did an amazing job on that.
The theme itself is pretty simple but just uber sweet XD.
That melody has been playing in my head all day, and that's a good thing.

The bass and leads were great as always. Just keep on ravin man, You'll be better than Basshunter. I think you really should inform about how to get a record deal, I would even pay for your music!

I don't have too much to say anymore... just this:

Keep it up!/ 5'd 10'd Fav'ed, downloaded.


:O sounds nice

nice to see you go it finished :) it sounds nice, but i dont really like the remaking of songs if you no wat i mean, but u only really did that for the first part. but this was stil good, liked wat u did with it after the noticable boten anna stuf. your original lead was quite nice too :)

gj on it cant wait to hear more


Be careful with ripping lyrics from songs.
It is considered copyright infringement.

Whilst singing it yourself is not.
Weird laws.
Anyway. Good stuff.

Kr1z responds:

i didnt rip anything.
DjBrixx gave me teh vocal sample :P

Err thx for the 8 :)