Reviews for "Evolution of Animation"

slick, inventive, and such a damned cool idea

great job on this. I liked ALMOST everything.

Visually, the evolution within this flash from simple shapes to more complex textures and objects lived up to the title's billing. The action got better, as well, and the animation was great.

I liked certain touches... such as the close-up zoom on the book of colour that the wizard handed the guy. And the LOTR-ish tower the colour wheel was in, as well. I found myself, after seeing that long view, wishing that there had been more scenary and backgrounds, but that's no big deal.

The actual plot being introduced slowly, and evolving, just as the graphics and animation did... culminating in the final still screen with great colouring and a bit of epilogue text... was also excellent.

The only complaint I have, in fact, is that the music was indeed very fitting for a story about the land of "Monotonia." The music was much more monotonous than the black and white graphics ever were. #;-}> Plus, it just didn't seem to be the perfect fit for this, but... eh, minor quibbles. The main problem with the music wasn't either of those, it was simply the size. At least, I'm assuming the size of the flash (4+ megs) is mostly due to it, as it is in most cases. If it's not, if your visuals ended up making it that big, then nevermind, it was worth it in that case.

Anyway, I loved it. And this makes my 200th review. I was saving it for something special, and "Evolution of Animation" definitely fits that description. Encore!

teek-83 responds:

Yeah, it was pretty huge, but I made it at 30fps so it bulked it up a bit. Thanks for making me your 200th review, sweet!

made me smile

I guess it was the story or the simple plot thing, but i liked it. Love the translation from:
Noob animator-->Mastor animat0r.


Very Good, a game would also be nice in the future.

Fuckin Awsome

This was so fuckin awsome. I loved it. Keep up the great work man. Five all the way!!

All I have to say is...

Excellent work! Some of the best flash I have seen on the net.