Reviews for "Dev - Misery (Special Edition)"


Just amazing when the drums kicks in! :)

Developer responds:

thank you!:)


creepy and good!

Developer responds:

Thank you for your review, good luck!


What a great addition! Wow. I'm glad to see such an improvement. I really couldn't find anything I didn't like about it, just as I didn't find anything wrong in the original. All I can do is just sit back and listen while my imagination flows.
You tip-toed around destruction with the wild piano playing (It ALMOST didn't fit), but I'm glad you didn't take it too far. The simple things are often the best.

I think you got a really good thing going with this. I love it. Although you didn't take my suggestion about layering the beginning piano melody of the first version with the part where the drums first kicked in? Or did you just not like it? Either way, I still love this track. Thank you for creating such a thing. I noticed that you added a subtle Arabian melody in it, too. Are you trying to tell me something? lol


Developer responds:

Thank you for your words, I really appreciate them.
About piano: you didn`t tell me to put it in there! :))) Or m.b. my english is so bad, that I didn`t understand that you did. (I used dictionary to translate some words from your letters)
About "trying to tell me something?": Sure I do! You just have to make the second part of the story we were talking about. :))) And I think everyone will be very glad when you make it. ;)


yep... nice...

Developer responds:

M.b. it is nice, but I want to make it perfect! :) Thank for your review!

nice team work between piano and violins

sounds really cool and the end is good choosen =)

go on ;)

Developer responds:

I just love violins and piano, that`s all. :) Thank you for your review!