Reviews for "Dev - Misery (Special Edition)"

yeo it's official

im in love with you!!

Developer responds:

Thanks. :)


Misery was one of my favorite songs ever, and you made it even better!
gets a little crowded at the end, tho that is my only complaint.
btw, why the name "misery"? it doesn't sound at all miserable.


Developer responds:

I don't know, for me it sounds directly like misery))
Thank you for your review!:)


I love it is realy, realy cool.
It's so touching, I don' t know what to say.

GREAT 5/5 10/10

Developer responds:

I'll say: "Thank you!":)


Very good composing going on here.
The only thing I would suggest to you, is that your drums feel sepperated from the song.
So try to put a sub bass in there. Not a loud one, but a low sub bass so that the frequencies tie together.

After that this song will be pretty fscking amazing.

Great job.
5/5 9/10

Developer responds:

I'll think about the changes, for now I want to make something sound really live.

that is nice!

Realy nice man! I realy love the melody and the sounds you take for it and the beat is great too.

Developer responds:

Thank you!:)