Reviews for "Sprankton. A noun."


My first review was deleted because i was drunk writting it.. i'm still drunk but whatever.. just wanna tell you that this flash animation.. unpredictable and hilarious.. great job


Honestly,I dont get it.<:|

Lol WTF?

That was......intresting? Haha, well it made me laugh, I don't know where you get these ideas from...

Well I'm guessing this guy has Sprankton...since he keeps thinking of it?? Lol.

Sprankton.. a noun..

.. a disease you get from chewing too much.

Great excercise in free-thought absurdism. Plus, I liked the warning to the fat negress not to act "n*gger rich". They all do, don't they?

Nice one.

hmmm well

i didnt like that as much as your other submissions. maybe it was just me, but you didnt really mention where the 'sprankton' came into it. sound i thuoght was really good though. but that was really the only thing good about it. sorry.