Reviews for "Sprankton. A noun."


I laughed my ass off...

Oh No....

I never realized that I might have had Sprankton before today. Thank you Marc M. for educating us on this, this might be 10000000000000 times worse than AIDS if we do not counter Sprankton soon...

Sprankton, a noun

1. a disease you get from chewing too much

Marc, I don't know if you still lurk around here, but you are one of the funniest god damn animators that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.


not sure why, but damn amusing.


It was funny how he was talking to his dog, it spoke,he whipped or whatevered it with a chain, talked to it more, whipped or whatevered it once, talked a second, and then at the best timing ever....SPRANKTON.A NOUN. A DISEASE YOU GET FROM CHEWING TOO MUCH. comic gold