Reviews for "Sprankton. A noun."

man, that just sticks in your head

One word:


Disease you get from chewing too much

Well, that was one of the most awkward flashes I have ever seen. It is pretty much impossible for me to really say whether it was good or bad as it seemed more like an object than a flash. This reminds me of Roger Ebert's review of "The Human Centipede". I guess the best thing to do is go right in the middle. While I have no problem with random stuff, this seemed too random even for me. I couldn't suggest you to make it better in anyway, because it should please your fans.

I like how the "Paly" button at the beginning was colored so brightly. I have no idea what this had anything to do with "Saved By The Bell". At least I can now say I know that sprankton means. I wouldn't want my dog to dress like a goth chick either, even if I was in some kinky relationship with it. Keep up the utter insanity.

Sprankton. A noun.

A disease you get from chewing too much.

10 Stars

The dude pronounced Porsche right.
He deserves it.