Reviews for "Zelda OoT| Kokiri Rock"

Lil more guitar

You should...try adding a guitar(i love guitars) it would give it a more klean sound(i mispelled on purpose)

Kick ass

Kick ass music goes very well for the Zelda: UO Episodes. Plus it adds more than just the regular Zelda universe, don't get me wrong I love Zelda but I think this would be cool to have in a game.

I agree with Zeix too, fuzzy, i still have game.

think games still fun, stuck tho, i beat it afew times, but i spent time on a diff game, and forgot, so i'm stuck

Totally agree..>_>

I agree with Zeix, it does make you feel fuzzy inside and brings back memories...

Good, but could have less pep and more Zelda feel.

I first found this in "Zelda: UO Episode 2" by Scoot (who's an awesome animator) in the fight between Link and Mido in Kokiria Forest. It is good, but has too much pep for TLOZ (in my opinion.)