Reviews for "Zelda OoT| Kokiri Rock"

Ignore me if you want

I could imagine using this in an anime style Legend of Zelda thing. Like some kinda weird remake with the characters being modern and in japan with some sort of plot to destroy the city by a guy named Ganon. o_o .. Link walking out of his apartment, stroling down the street, going to the best place on earth.. THE DEPARTMENT STORE! (AD: The Department Store, "Got a new girlfriend? The department store is the way to be! Need something really neat? The Department store has your back covered. The Department Store: A Cultural Mix of exploration and exitement!!")

this is the best

awsome remix for loz:oot


This is a good remix, Grats. 9/10 4/5


this rocks.if i make any flash that are LoZ related this is sure to be in it at least twice!!!!!!! :)


Haha. I love what your boredom produces. I love this a lot. I think this would be sweet for a party in the forest. *lol* Great job.