Reviews for "Zelda OoT| Kokiri Rock"

hmmm iteresting

this is done by piano and some other instrument that is cool how u mix the melodies togther though it wasn't as there as i thoght so it needs a little work by the way my frend and i are gradin guys and ur one of the best we've heard all night so keep up the good work


go zelda!! yay! \_/ lol, nice remix, could have used a little more originality, but hey, no song is perfect, and im too much like the people off x-play, so dont listen to me -_-

This one I like yes!

-_- there is not much to say....except.....I like this song...

Great music.

As I expect from you.Great music all the time.
Here are the scores:
Originality:5-Its generic Zelda music.
Clarity:10-I can hear everything perfectly in my mind.
Diversity:7-I havent heard anything like it but it still is generic.
Effort:10-Its gotta take time to make music and it sounds like you took plenty of time doing so.
Overall:7-Averaged to 8 minus one for generic music.Keep up the good work.

awesome yet...

yet so happy and soothing....sound like mario kart or something. I now want to makea little part in a movie including this song and a mario kart cameo. You inspired me with this song.