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Reviews for "Morte"


I love how the text in the caption after the word Morte is unreadable, but the pentagram in between sort of makes clear that the text isn't about butterflies, bunnies and flowers :)

well well...

looks like another excellent piece from the same author...

just amazing and filled with details!

This is your niche

Of all your pieces, this one really gives me the best impression of who you are. Most of your other works focus solely on your obsession for anime. I'm not saying that you should not admire other people's work. What I'm challenging you to do is to do work that talks more about you than about the things you like. Keep expressing your own ideas and work on your own style. Don't give me what others think, I want to SEE what YOU think.

I hope when I die...

I'm greeted by this badass reaper.

Love it!

Gorgeous style, great color scheme, but to me it seemed kinda tarot-ish for a lack of better description once again Beautiful work.