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Reviews for "Morte"


That was my first thought when I looked at this.

All I can say is this is freakin' amazing. Love it!


that reaper looks so epic

Now this...I truly enjoy.

This is going to sound rather strange since the art has been done by THE Shadling, but I don't feel mortified by this...and I doubt that was what you were aiming for but, I don't feel, or sense...the suffering, and trust me, I've experienced most forms of loss, torture And suffering, my fucking nickname is Mort for fuck's sake. Back to what I was saying...the reason I don't sense pain or suffering in the, victims...(hardly so, more like suffer-ers). The reason I don't feel their pain and or suffering is because of their facial expressions, they seem more...sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm an artist as well, I realize that putting true emotion on a piece of blank paper, is an intensely difficult task, but at your level of...craftsmanship, it should be easier. Besides the emotional status of our suffering friends, the man who allowed them to suffer, or women, not too sure; wait, what? Oh! Morte, has, a lot of well represented charectistics, no doubt about it, the eyes represent, in a way, the vastness of the void of death, and the mouth, is different than most, in which it's a plain skull grin or the "Scream" mouth, but here, 'tis different, it's, somewhat of a frown, but it's not, it's he dental work of Morte. Another thing that I find attractive are his/her hands, didn't know if anyone knew this but, is a reference to ancient Russia, and Mexico, (bit of an Lol there) due to the design of his fingers and palm, which I find, very well detailed. Yet another...feature that I enjoy about this glamour show is the fire, yes, fire, ah hahahahaha, how I love fire, especially in this case, because of those..."squiggles," they too refer to ancient Mexico, better knon as the Mayan empire; the idea is that by making asymmetrical-some-what-random-squiggles that mostly contain straight lines, the flames will look more abstract. (last chapter of this long, dull and unexciting review by an extremely experienced lifer) This time Shad, you've hit the little circle around the bullseye, as explained earlier in this review, 34% of the picture contains...ill-represented emotion, 45% is extremely well played...um, an extremely well played composition, for lack of netter words... And the other 21% is, erm, things that 98% of the population wouldn't notice at all, and that if by any chance they did, they'd be slapped by "the lord" for being a smart fuck. -Karl. (by the way...shad, your a great person, the reason I could tell is because of your art strategy, go the opposite way of poularity, which in tern gives you popularity, and thats something I cherish in everyone who has that trait.) (oh, and I'm an Athiest XD) (excuse this review, it's my opinion, meaning it's probably right and most people won't agree with it.)

the besterest!

this is the awasemest thing ive ever seen in my entire live...............COOL!

this is going to my favs...

just a flaw, the opened hand has only 3 phalanges (finger bones) for each finger, while actually a hand has 4, (the other hand is right lol); anyway still its awesome and i like that drawing style sooo much! lol