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Reviews for "fun stuff 251"

That was spread big enough to fit a phone

Not bad. not long but not bad. looked like lot went into that.
Is there suppose to be some hiden meaning that Im missing or is it just for shits and giggles (im not sure what "shits and giggles" means). Anyways, good job :)

CabbageClock responds:

Not only was it for shits and giggles, it was also for DOODLES AND COCK.



The recreation of goatse... so vivid and yet so suttle. I love you Cabbage.

I wish you would finish your Battle Royale series, but it's a pipe dream now I guess. :'(

CabbageClock responds:

I started to do Battle Royale part 2 ages ago...but got bored.


It was... intresting to say the least. The music seemed to be intended to be very classical and smooth to give the impression of being inside of an art gallery, however if you actually observe the painting you'll find that it is essentally someone with what appears to be a clock stuck in between their ass, which I suppose for some people is erotic, for me it seems like nothing more then lowbrow sexual inuendo with a sick appetite. But hey it was done highly artisticlly so it is worth watching.

CabbageClock responds:

LOL you thought it was a clock too! thats 2 people who said that.
Actually...it's just Goatsicasso's rendition of Goatse. No clock intended to be there.


I heard radishclock is upset with Noofus

CabbageClock responds:

Who's noofus and why the hell is he licking my pen0r?

this reallly speaks to me..

although at first, i wasnt quite sure what to expect, show somebody painting then all of a sudden, something random and sometimes scary....eee...

CabbageClock responds:

It hides within us all. Face it. If you book it...it will come.