Reviews for "Solus- For Schala Remastered"

Very Calm

This is definatly a nice tune to listen to, you have a very calm tune to it and the length for this is very nice, it's not too loud but loud enough to hear everything that is playing and everything here comes together very well. There's nothing that stands out as being out of tune or anything, the piano sounds to be played very well so good work on that.

Though it could maybe do with some effects that give it more intresting sounds, it's okay as it is, easy to listen to and leave on to do other things. The fact that it's not dominant is a good thing, towards the end though it does sound like part of what was playing earlier in the song but the very end does come out well.



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SolusLunes responds:

What kind of effects?

And the end was intended to sound like earlier in the song. It's a very cyclical song.


Loved it, great piano. The emotion shown here was amazing. Loved how you slowed it down, and just kept changing tempo.I just sounded great. The sax was a nice touch too. Loved your ability to use song structure. Great,

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SolusLunes responds:

I'm glad you liked the sax and the emotion in the piece. The structure is what makes the song here, though. :D

God damnt!

This is friggin EPIC!
Total respect is due out here!
And to the timeless game that Squaresoft produced!

SolusLunes responds:

Epic song is epic.


dude i love how the piano begins it and sets the mood, then with tht brass instrunment comming in, love it all, cant w8 4 more of ur work dude

SolusLunes responds:

Thanks! :D

u r the best

chrono trigger and chrono chross are the best games ever
thanks for this release

SolusLunes responds:

Thank you for listening :D