Reviews for "Solus- For Schala Remastered"


It's rare that I think game remixes should replace the original track (let's face it, most video game remixes are, well, poor).

But were Chrono Trigger ever remade (again), I would have to say that this sort of a piece would be an excellent piece to, at the very least, use as inspiration for Schala's theme.

She was a character who was destined to death, and while the game's creators gave her a more down-trodden theme, it just didn't capture the full essence of her sacrifice. This piece, I feel, speaks with a more powerful voice, just about who and what she was.

I wasn't sure about the sax at first, but the more I listen to it, the more I feel that it has the perfect sound to compliment the piano for this piece.

Anyway, I've not heard your previous make of this piece, so I can't quite say much about a comparison between the two, but I've only minor complaints about this version, which have already been addressed by others here.

Truly superb.

SolusLunes responds:

I knew the sax grew on people. It is far and above my favorite part of the song.

Thanks for getting me this one ^w^

It's really pretty...i like it more than the other one now =/ (but I still can't give this one an extra star X.X) well...MAKE MORE :D

SolusLunes responds:

Will do, cap'n! :D


Loved it, great piano. The emotion shown here was amazing. Loved how you slowed it down, and just kept changing tempo.I just sounded great. The sax was a nice touch too. Loved your ability to use song structure. Great,

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SolusLunes responds:

I'm glad you liked the sax and the emotion in the piece. The structure is what makes the song here, though. :D

Moving piece.

This has been well planned out, to keep the softer parts of the tune blended in with a compelling, but tender bassline. I think that this piece is pretty complete in the way it works with the emotions.

I'd suggest that you maybe phase out the piano for the sax solo, as it would sound so much better with just the sax, giving the piece a lift, then bringing the piano back in. Maybe some light drums as well, the kind that are played with the brushes.

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SolusLunes responds:

Hmmm... Two very good ideas.

I will have to experiment.


Nice piano work on the into, i liked tho overtone of light piano with the undertone of deep piano. Fit together well and gave it a very clam and relaxing feel.
It is a slow paced track which adds to the calm feeling.

Some of it seems a bit empty though, void of any activity, but i suppose it sorta sets the mood of the song even more so.
Anyway its good, i liked it. Hope to see more :)

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SolusLunes responds:

Which parts? If you're talking about the piano solo in the middle, you're not listening well enough :D

Just imagine how much skill it would take to play that!