Reviews for "Solus- For Schala Remastered"

sounds nice

is nice
has a really good rhythm...
is very soft... is relaxing...
the piano is awesome
the intro sounds a little strange but the rest of the song is pretty good

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SolusLunes responds:


Glad you liked the rest of the song though.

very nice

This is so damn beatiful

Loved it man

SolusLunes responds:

Glad to hear you liked it!

not the best

on NG.really.and if you want to check some real piano go to winterwind-NS.also the muted trumpet playing a variation (in the range that it plays) on piano right hand is ugly.should be another instrument.trumpet solo begins good but developes wrong.the structure of the song itself is monotone and poor.of course it has some emotion one in all.BUT THE BEST?funny.you got a long way.in learning.

SolusLunes responds:

Ah, yes, I know of Winterwind's skills.

How would the trumpet solo "develop wrong"? I simply don't understand why you think it develops wrong. Ah well.

Monotone? Hardly. More like cyclic, though I know monotone was not quite the right adjective for what you were getting at. It's supposed to have clearly defined "verses" with the saxophone refrain.

Intro > Refrain > Piano Solo (and flute) > Refrain > Trumpet Solo > Refrain leading to outro.

I understand that it's not exactly a common song arrangement for songs lacking lyrics, but I felt it worked well.

As for the best? You can't possibly take me seriously, can you? I'm not THAT conceited.

This makes me so sad.

Everybody is doing remixes of the songs I've already started projects on. :[

I have no point in finishing any of them after I hear things like this. I've got a bit to go before I can make better remixes than this.

It was a little uneventful but it was kept alive because I love this song. You might be missing out on an element I was having a little trouble with as well though, I find that it's really hard to project the original sadness that's portrayed in the actual song. This version sounds sad, don't get me wrong, but the original has such a deep melancholy feel to it that just gets you deep.

Good remix though.


SolusLunes responds:

I actually did the remix of this song a while back (like 20 songs ago), but this is just an update of this song.

I wouldn't really call it a remix per se, it's more a tribute than a remix. If I were to remix it, it would have more of the original song in it.


Wait, was Schala in Chrono Trigger? The song is a bit long and slow, something that would make good ambient music.

SolusLunes responds:

A-yup, she was.