Reviews for "Solus- For Schala Remastered"

Very Calm

This is definatly a nice tune to listen to, you have a very calm tune to it and the length for this is very nice, it's not too loud but loud enough to hear everything that is playing and everything here comes together very well. There's nothing that stands out as being out of tune or anything, the piano sounds to be played very well so good work on that.

Though it could maybe do with some effects that give it more intresting sounds, it's okay as it is, easy to listen to and leave on to do other things. The fact that it's not dominant is a good thing, towards the end though it does sound like part of what was playing earlier in the song but the very end does come out well.



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SolusLunes responds:

What kind of effects?

And the end was intended to sound like earlier in the song. It's a very cyclical song.


Well done, very nicely put together

SolusLunes responds:

Woot. :D


The beginning sounds a bit like a mix between "The Moonlight Sonata" and the track that is played in Resident Evil when you are in a Save Room, heh.

I love this track. I like how it developes over the time and I also like the effects you put on the piano and the other instruments. It really fits and all instruments go along together very well.

Great song!

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SolusLunes responds:

Ha, the RE save room song. I never thought to compare it to that :D

Glad you liked the simplicity of it :D

Relly Pretty

This was really awesome... It was so soft and serene it nearly lulled me to sleep! (That's a complement by the way.) ;P The piano melody was so well written I could listen to it all day. I really have a soft spot for piano music and you did a good job it this for sure. I'll be sure to download this. -Good job.

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SolusLunes responds:

Soft spot for piano, eh? Then check out Virtuoso. :D

Nice remix

That was a nice remix you did there its quite a long song. This was nice i like the flutes? in the background. It had a feeling of sadness and depression was this meant to, be like that?. The Piano is nice and had a pretty tune it was sad sounding. Im not sure if i heard the first version, but this is lovely with the diffrent sounds in the background.
Maybe only thing it was a little long but it made up with the instruments plalying

Overall a lovely track

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SolusLunes responds:

Not a remix. More of a tribute. The first version is essentially the same, I just touched up the instruments and such.