Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Neutralized"


this really apears to be taken of a space video-game


it sounds like megaman's style of music xd i think \m/

Just as you said, video game style-ish

To me, sounds like something out of a Mega Man X game, in a good way. Haha. Loops the same beat a little repetitively here and there, but it's alright I guess. Keep it up


Awesome work, there. I think all of the rythyms synced perfectly, and that this is very enjoyable to listen to. I could just see that epic boss battle. Amazing.

I liked it

This was pretty good. It sounded very unique to me and I like that. I feel as though I'm going to be fighting myself a lot with the ratings on some of your songs... You have come out with so much that I like... when I hear something like this which is good in it's own right I can't help but think "It's good but she has done better" and I don't think that is a very fair way to view a song.