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Reviews for "This is UNMEI - Tribute"

I'm in a really good mood!

Thank you for jump starting my new year (which effectively started today since my school vacation ended and I'll be here until next Christmas :< )! But I'm not sad, this really put a great smizile on my face and I'm really sincerely appreciative. I recognize all the characters and love the epicness of it all.

With all the new content that gets added to NG each day, it's surprising just to see a review for my older stuff, especially when I've been so busy with school that I hardly have time to animate. So I really appreciate not just the mention, but the work that went into this too. Did you make this in flash too--that makes it only the awesomer. Also on a side note, I'm glad you drew Uli pushing against the giant TripEx because I wasn't so sure if I properly conveyed that in the animation.

Cheese, Potatoes, Keychains, AA Batteries are all things I don't appreciate nearly as much as this combined. <3

CaseyAnimates responds:

Thanks a bunch, I'm really glad you liked it!! :D

If you're wondering, yeah, I made this in flash. It's what I'm most experienced in from the animating I do, so that's what I use, and I thought it'd make more sense anyways because it's what ya' made the video in...at least that's my excuse, haha! And I made sure all the characters had exactly the same features, so it turned out looking pretty similar and I'm all up for that!

You're welcome, and thanks!