Reviews for "X-Tinction"

Quick pace + high energy =

One kickass song! This is good for relieving depression and it has an energetic quality that seems endless. I love it!


i could see this as the meusic for a megaman turn based RPG battle!!!
keep it up!!!!! >.<

NemesisTheory responds:

Even if it didn't, we still need another turn based megaman game! XP

Thanks for the review, man. :D

Just Amazing

I lost 10 minutes jumping aroud my house and bumpimg my head hauihuihauiaha
Amazing =P
Did you have mor for me? I'm Addicted =O

All I will say is...

HOLY $#!% this is awesome!

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . .

. . . is it that all of the best stuff is too short?! Seriously you should make some kind of extension or something cause this is amazing !