Reviews for "X-Tinction"

nice job

i like the beginning the most but the rest is all good too : P lol keep it up

nice work

you did pretty well, and to the previous reviewer, music are different from music, each artist their own style, but for me, i like paragonX9, but at the same time i like this artist. oh yea, and about this song, its good, but too much repetition, maybe have song crazy solo lick, and it will be much better (my opionion)

wow just wow

you are the best at audio i think you could kick paragonX9's ass i dont see why i haven't downloaded this track.

Above Average

It started kinda lame, but it's pretty good after the first part till the end. It's not the greatest, but you definately have potential.

Quick pace + high energy =

One kickass song! This is good for relieving depression and it has an energetic quality that seems endless. I love it!