Reviews for "X-Tinction"

Put this in X10 (i think thats the next mmx game)

honestly, it would be worthy of putting in a MMX game. it's cool because its so fast


I didint know megaman like songs could be this cool! Halleluja for this song!

Keep up the good work!
-t3h assasin-

Pretty good.

That strange high pitched whistle that took the tune in the beginning was just odd. However, I love the energy with those background voices.

cool trance

Excellent work on this piece, the fast beat plus the rythm make it remember (not too much, actually) megaman on some fast action against a boss robot

NemesisTheory responds:

That was exactly the kind of idea I was going for at the time; like some hectic futuristic boss battle that'd remind people somewhat of Megaman. :)


this is like way to fast for me to listen. i think its really hard to make those really fast songs. but i suck

NemesisTheory responds:

MegaMan tracks generally are pretty fast. But that's the cool thing about it. :p

Oh, and first rule for things that concern yourself: Never put yourself down. Just keep at it!