Reviews for "X-Tinction"

Really fast, Awesome, And electric song!

I love how this song loops so well! the fast paced electic sounds make me wanna dance, it feels like this song was in one of the retro Megaman games.... It shoulda been!!! excellent work my friend! I enjoyed this piece :D

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . .

. . . is it that all of the best stuff is too short?! Seriously you should make some kind of extension or something cause this is amazing !

All I will say is...

HOLY $#!% this is awesome!

you gotta be able to see the future or something

somehow you can keep guessing that i like ur music, all your track, and i mean ALL of them, catches me from the very first note off, yoou gotta be one of the best music creators on newgrounds, your tracks all have the fast and cool but yet so simple and mystic sounds, i like it, keep up the very good work.

Really nice

All your songs Rocks I spended last night just hearing all of them
Man If you could make a remix from The Main Gate of Megaman Legends I would be so damn happy =D