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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"


Best thing I've ever seen on NG!
Great job!

fuk yuh

fuk yuh fuk tha clockz their so fukin gay and fuk windowz more!!


very nice movie and good job for the time that you put into making it man. I really like how u made fun of the clock crew and stuff...not that i have anything against the clock crew, i like munglai =) anyway, im just rambling, nice job.

who ever reads this, DIE!!!!!!!!

still reading?
DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
your lordy master: xox.


we all know you just censored those to vocals cuz you were lazy I mean you did use the word fuck omfg its so transparent! =^P also thx for putting all the song credits cuz I think I could really use 1 of them for a flash I plan to do when I start to get my skills as an animator also "are your fucking bodygaurds even trained!?"apparently not X^D