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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

Fuckin' Beautiful

Although I had already seen most of this movie from the clips you sent me over AIM, seeing it all together in this special edition makes me happy in my pants. Good job Trash. ^_^

lol, greatest lock movie of all time.

locks. I wish you made the lock turn into a clock wen he got pissed. or maybe a block. I dunno, a sock might have worked. nah it would be cool if he changed to a rock.


wow man good movie....make more man..

"your fucking bodyguards even trianed?"

That was SOOO funny it was a cool idea too. Having locks instead of clocks HEY THAT RYHMES!

Are you using this to murder some1
Yes__X__ NO_____


Kool movie TrashLock. Licked the ending song. Keep it up.