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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"


Best thing I've ever seen on NG!
Great job!

You give the LockLegion a good name

That was awesome. Very smooth animating, and, great, EVERYTHING! The interview was the funiiest thing ever, though.
"If it doesn't, I will rape your children." "YOUR GAAAAY!"

excelent movie

Awesome movie, worth watching, only thing is it's a little bit short but just because it's short doesnt mean it doesn't deserve a ten

lol i accidentaly reviewed the wrong movie you will see this review twice

fuk yuh

fuk yuh fuk tha clockz their so fukin gay and fuk windowz more!!


very nice movie and good job for the time that you put into making it man. I really like how u made fun of the clock crew and stuff...not that i have anything against the clock crew, i like munglai =) anyway, im just rambling, nice job.