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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

Very nice!

I can't say anything bad about this flash. It was solid from start to stop. I was a big fan of the TSS intro, that was really cool. The bloopers were pretty funny. Great job TrashLock. Keep it up.

omg man

you've totally converted me, well sorta, before i hated locks and clocks, now, i just hate clocks.... just by not putting those stupid black lines, and animating the face pretty damn well, as well as having actual content, not just getting votes cuz your a clock(which your not, just makin fun of the clock crew)... had to pause the movie to write this, i was already convinced of your talent at midpoint, damn good job!


That was great man. That as one of the best flash movies ive seen in a long time. clocks n locks I love em all. Screw anyone who thinks otherwise. U need to make more of thease. if U dont... Ill.. umm... yah, just do it!


I loved it, This is a grrrrreat movie! 5 for you, You should make some more movies man.



This was great Trash. The special features were funny and so were the joke titles during the montage. You are indeed the Strange Clock of Locks. It was not as long as I thought it would be, but it had much more class then the more well known Turd Clock's Adventure. I love it. It was great for Clocks and Locks alike. The subtext nere the beginning of friendly Clock/Lock relations was great, and better when you gave both Pillow and Golden cameos! You are GOD! Just make a sequel, like where Trash is on the run for killing the boss or something. Please! And make it longer! Please!