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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

That was quite kool.

I really enjoyed this Lock flash it had a good plot and it was DVD style with the subtitles and the rewind/fast forward/pause buttons,it was also funny as hell (like when PillowClock showed up ^_^) excellent Lock flash. =D

This is confusing.

I used to be a Clock worshipper, but now I can't decide which I like best! Your movie was that good!

To Believe I haven't reviewed this yet...

Meh, it's been about 3 or 4 months since I last watched this, but this was the movie that got me to join the Lock Legion. A total inspiration, if I dare say so. =D I'm finally giving this the ten it so deserves from me. Cheers, old chap. Cheers.

-- Clock Lock


good job there. it was funny. I award u:
3 golden buckets o trash
the nobel swear award
The best daily feature so far for the month of december

Two thumbs up

I enjoyed this a great deal, I wish you would make another one that is similar to this one!