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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

nice every damn thing is smooth.

Make more flash I liked this. fifen

so you want to be a clock.....

why? clocks blow. the only award that strawberry clock ever got was turd of the week. you are better than their entire crew. just stay with the locks or something. and in the next flash, kill the fucking clock, dont save it from a bomb.

You give the LockLegion a good name

That was awesome. Very smooth animating, and, great, EVERYTHING! The interview was the funiiest thing ever, though.
"If it doesn't, I will rape your children." "YOUR GAAAAY!"


This Started out great, but then we get into the locks. The brainbug option screen was great with the gun, excellent, and I also took for the THX screen very nice then it just went down hill from there

Lock Legion

Let our loved Lock Legion rise!!...

And great movie!