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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

it's all right

i think it was okay....


its coo.

How's this a dvd version? It's a first release.

Wasn't the operatic song from the craptacular The Matrix: Revolutions?
That downpour scene was terrible... Almost as terrible as the POINTLESS highway chase...

This was not a bad short. The voices were annoying because we're all used to hear clocks speak that way, and locks now... Meh.

The music was pretty good though. Keep that up, then!


One of the best movies I have seen, and I took notice to the carton of milk hiden on him. I got good eyes! :)


that was pretty good. ive seen better things but this was good. the best part was when he killed everybody. it was good bc i hate those clock peices of crap n this was a lock not a clock.