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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"

All Right!

I love this shit! Man i think this is of of da funniest thing i eva saw. I like how how the gun form was "Do you plan to murder someone? If yes Who? Do you have a gun lisence" " If no do you plan to get on?" The only complaint i could think of in a thousand years has gotta be the mouths, or eyes, or whateeva the fuck the thing on their head was that looked like a key hole, plz cut dat shit out and this be the best video eva!?!?!Exept porn of course


this isn't the best thing i've every seen. Don't get me wrong it was good, but I think you need to be some sort of a retard to thing this was funny... A trash can???

hell yea!!

holy shit dude! that was one of the greatest things i saw on ng! you deserve a place among the authors of arfenhouse! this shit b so damn funny, so hilariously violent, and soooo smoooth.

ps. i love the gun form "do you intend to get a lisence" hahahahaha!

very smooth, added to my favorites

i would really like to no if trash will have more adventures in mayhaps next jobs (day care center pleaseeeeeeeee) it would be ashame if you didnt continue this, gj :D

fuk yuh

fuk yuh fuk tha clockz their so fukin gay and fuk windowz more!!