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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"


The animation was smooth and the locks loooked sharp,the music selection was great and the voices were very clear.
The guns were very well done and the bloopers were pretty funny


it was great, the only thing i din't like was the voices, sounds like bonzy buddy,

It was quite good...

But pretty boring.

Screw Jinkazuya boy

That was a brilliant flash and I hope to see more of the same soon.Screw the shouters,doubters and the flouters,that was wicked

I hate clocks.

I hate these clock things. I haven't watched all of them of course, cause i hate them, but generally they bore me to death. This one started out that way too, but the gun fight was pretty cool, but it's just clocks shooting eachother. The blooper reel is pretty good too. I just wish you'd stop making the stupid clocks. I find no humor in clocks insulting eachother in computer voices.