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Reviews for "Trash's Adventures DVD"


we all know you just censored those to vocals cuz you were lazy I mean you did use the word fuck omfg its so transparent! =^P also thx for putting all the song credits cuz I think I could really use 1 of them for a flash I plan to do when I start to get my skills as an animator also "are your fucking bodygaurds even trained!?"apparently not X^D


That was really funny. I also liked how Trash Lock let Pillow Clock live.




This was very talented and by what pearlock said ur not here anymore :(

And i don't have anything against locks either just SBL and the others who make anti-clock movies.

awesome flash.

This is the movie that made it official for me to be a Lock. Trash is my idol. Even though your gone we will all remember how you used to cuss at traffic, threaten babies, and drink. XD
Just kidding. Anyways this flash is the best. I will try and 5 this everyday.

Good Flash

Its A good movie very funny.
I found a bug though. when you close the subtitle window it pops back up again a few seconds later.