Reviews for "Battle for the Throne"

There's the Rush!

You have a great feel for wholesome, pulse-raising epic themes. Really hit the mood spot-on, and many would (and, judging by reviews before mine, do) admire this piece of work.

You gotta keep it up! Good Lord you rock at this.

Devastus responds:

Heh, thank you. And yeah, I'm keeping it up, as you can see from the new songs coming :P

Thanks for your review and compliments.


Esse som é d+, perfeito pra jogo onde você da de cara com boss, dai você aperta pause, depois alt + tab, e play nessa música, dai alt + tab novamente e você volta a jogar o jogo, só que com + tenso que antes, e + divertido ^^

Devastus responds:

Thank you for your review, although I don't really know what you said :P

Very nice

Makes me want to storm an undead stronghold as the catapults fly over my head :D

Very much Blizzard's style

this is like the undead's fast paced songs in Warcraft III, and it would be an awesome boss battle for any game too.

Oh my god!

This music really gives you the right feeling!
When that tower started to fly against my tower and the music started to play, i just thought: "Oh SHIT this is it!!!"